Commercial Auto Insurance

Most states require all vehicles on the road to have insurance coverage. If nothing else, liability is mandatory. Collisions and bodily injury can be costly if you don’t have an insurance coverage. This applies to businesses as well. Commercial car insurance is required for business vehicles. If you have a fleet of cars or one van for deliveries, one accident can cause significant harm and cost a lot of money.

Commercial auto insurance covers several things. The coverage you have will depend on your policy. Common incidents that are covered include personal injury, physical injury to other people, and collision with other vehicles. There can also be coverage for property damage, damage received while loading and unloading, towing and labor, and comprehensive which covers several things. If your vehicle does double-duty as a business vehicle and a personal vehicle, then the insurer may consider it a commercial vehicle.

The Proper Coverage

You need to determine what coverage options you need. Consider if the vehicle is leased or owned. Determine if it should be in your name or the name of the business. And also the insurance company will need to know who will be driving the vehicle.

Commercial auto insurance is important if vehicles are part of your business. Make things easier on yourself and get the right insurance so you business can get off to a good start. You might not want the extra expense, but it’s worth the cost. And remember, most states require auto insurance which includes commercial auto insurance.